Free To Choose: The Updated and Revised Television Series

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In 1980, in association with Bob Chitester and an award-winning British production team, Milton and his economist wife Rose traveled the world to create the landmark international television series: Free To Choose, and the best selling book that evolved from it. A record number of Americans watched and listened as Milton explained the interrelationship of personal, political, and economic freedom in ways that everyone could understand. Free To Choose changed the lives of many people. In 1990 the Free To Choose series was updated and formatted into five volumes, each featuring an introduction by a well-known American celebrity or public figure, and a new edition of the best-selling book was produced to accompany the series. Each of the television programs included a live-on-tape discussion on the subject of the documentary produced especially for this broadcast on CNBC in 1990. The ideas of Milton Friedman, winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, advisor to two presidents, distinguished teacher and scholar, and revolutionary intellectual are faithfully preserved in this unprecedented series of television programs.
"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 01 The Power of the Market"
Introduced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 02 The Tyranny of Control"
Introduced by George Shultz.
"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 03 Freedom & Prosperity"
Introduced by Ronald Reagan.
"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 04 The Failure of Socialism"
Introduced by David Friedman.
"Free To Choose 1990 - Vol. 05 Created Equal"
Introduced by Steve Allen. 

© 1990 / 4 hrs.

Format: NTSC